IEEE SC2-2016
The 6th IEEE International Symposium on Cloud and Service Computing
Nadi, Fiji, December 7-10, 2016
Accepted Paper List
Nandu Sarkate, Priyanka Ner, Apurva Dhake and Jyoti Pawar ONLINE RECURITMENT SYSTEM USING CLOUD COMPUTING
Yong Ye Heterogeneous and homogeneous samples with Different Weights For Classification
Tian Tian, Yiming Zhang, Wei Chen and Ping Zhong ModelX: Using Model Checking to Find Design Errors of Cloud Applications
Asantha Thilina, Shakthi Attanayake, Sacith Samarakoon, Dahami Nawodya, Lakmal Rupasinghe, Tharindu Edirisinghe and Nadith Pathirage Intruder Detection Using Deeplearning and Association Rule Mining
Radhouane B N Jrad and David Sundaram Inter-Organizational Middleware System Implementations: Do's and Dont's of Business Integration Projects
Cunqun Fan, Xiangang Zhao, Manyun Lin, Lan Wei, Zhanyun Zhang, Xi Zhang and You Ma A Virtual Cluster Resource Scheduling Method Based on Importance
Carson Leung, Adam Pazdor and Kimberly Tran Knowledge Discovery from Big Social Key-Value Data on Clouds
Pathasu Doungmala and Katanyoo Klubsuwan Half and Full Helmet Wearing Detection in Thailand using Haar Like Feature and Circle Hough Transform
Farhan Nisar and Samad Baseer Performance, Availability & Security issue in Clouds
Yun Jiang, Gang Wang and Zhilei Li A Novel Method of VPRS Classification Based on β Boundary Threshold Selection
Michael Glöckner, Andre Ludwig and Bogdan Franczyk A Reference Architecture for the Logistics Service Map
Farhan Nisar and Samad Baseer Cloud Computing Deployment Models
A.T.M. Mosharof Hossain, Nazia Hasan Tuktuki, Hasibul Kabir and Rajesh Palit Development of a Mobile Application Based Drug Requisition System
Mohammad Adnan Shahriar, Sadman Sakib and Rajesh Palit CitizenConnect: Connecting Citizens with Public Service Providers
Cheng-Hung Tsai, Zhi-Guo Zhu, Han-Wen Liu, Tsun Ku and Wu-Fan Chien Personal Behavior Analysis Based on Mobile Networks
Tianchi Zhang, Jianpei Zhang, Jing Yang and Jing Zhang SVM Methods in image segmentation of Virtual Reality
Hojjat Baghban, Mahdis Moradi, Ching-Hsien Hsu, Jerry Chou,Yeh-Ching Chung Byzantine Fault Tolerant Optimization in Federated Cloud computing
XiaoQiang Zhang Novel survey on the color-image graying algorithm
Felix Freitag, Leandro Navarro and Roger Baig Fostering Collaborative Edge Service Provision in Community Clouds with Docker
Jianhua Gu A Data Backup Algorithm Based on Failure Correlation in Distributed In-memory Storage System
Sun-Yuan Hsieh and Cheng-Han Yeh Efficient Reduction of AMI Communication Traffic
Te-Yuan Lin and Chiou-Shann Fuh Considerations of Emerging Cloud Computing in Financial Industry and One-Time Password with Valet Key Solution
Worachate Apichanukul, Jun Kawahara and Shoji Kasahara Accuracy Improvement for Backup Tasks in Hadoop Speculative Algorithm
Alexander Smirnov, Andrew Ponomarev, Tatiana Levashova and Nikolay Teslya Human-Computer Cloud Architecture for Decision Support in Tourism
Sing-Chi Chen and Ren-Hung Hwang A Scalable Integrated SDN and OpenStack Management System
Sungpil Woo, Jaewook Byun, Seonghoon Kim, Hoang Minh Nguyen, Janggwan Im and Daeyoung Kim RNN-based Personalized Activity Recognition in Multi-person Environment using RFID
Yazhou Hu, Bo Deng, Fuyang Peng and Dongxia Wang Autoscaling Prediction Models for Cloud Resource Provisioning
Babak Yadranjiaghdam, Komal Hotwani and Nasseh Tabrizi A Risk Evaluation Framework for Service Level Agreements
Chunxiao Fan, Yeqiao Wang and Zhigang Wen Research on Improved 2D-BPSO-based VM-Container Hybrid Hierarchical Cloud Resource Scheduling Mechanism
Daniel Dauwe, Sudeep Pasricha, Anthony A. Maciejewski and Howard Jay Siegel A Performance and Energy Comparison of Fault Tolerence Techniques for Exascale Computing Systems
Maycon Peixoto, Dionisio Leite, Bruno Guazzelli, Bruno Tardiole, Carlos Henrique and Danilo Segura Predictive Dynamic Algorithm: An Approach toward QoS-aware service for IoT-Cloud Environment
Praveen Kumar Rayani, Dhenesh V Subramanian and S.Bharath Bhushan Multi-layer Token Based Authentication through Honey Password in Fog Computing
Louis Lu and John Liu The major research themes of big data literature: From 2006 to 2015
Vincent Urias, William Stout, Caleb Loverro and John Young Hypervisor Assisted Forensics and Incident Response in the Cloud
Shaoyan Rao, Jing Zhang and Tianchi Zhang A method of object identification based on Virtual Reality image processing
Jing Yang, Xueyan Zhou, Pengfei Sun, Yongshi Zhang and Jing Zhang The Engine Nodes Mining Algorithm in Microblog Information Spreading
Christophe Cerin, Leila Abidi, Souha Bejaoui, Jonathan Lejeune, Yanik Ngoko and Walid Saad Data Management for the RedisDG Scientific Workflow Engine
Zhenqiu Huang, Kwei-Jay Lin and Chi-Sheng Shieh Supporting Edge Intelligence in Service-Oriented Smart IoT Applications
Hooyoung Ahn, Junsu Kim and Yoonjoon Lee A highly reliable storage based on SSD array for cloud computing environment
Yung-Sheng Lin, Yu-Hsiang Chang and Yue-Shan Chang Constructing PM2.5 Map based on Mobile PM2.5 Sensor and Cloud platform
Jinlei Jiang, Xun Zhao, Yongwei Wu and Weimin Zheng I/O-Conscious and Prediction-Enabled Virtual Machines Scheduling
Wei-Peng Chen and Chuan-Ming Liu Performance Comparison on the Heterogeneous File System in Cloud Storage Systems
Honey Durga Tiwari, Meeturani Jagdishram Sharma, Harsh Durga Tiwari and Woon Hyun Cho Smart interface development for Sensor Data Analytics in Internet of Robotic things
Anna Kobusinska, Jakub Aftowicz and Grzegorz Grzelachowski Distributed content dissemination with a rank function
Ananthi M, Kreethika G, Priyanka S, Sai Shruthi S and Madhumidha A A Witty Relief Ailment for Personal Health Care Using IoT
David Nunes, Jorge Sa Silva, Ashley Figueira, Soraya Sinche, Hugo Dias, André Rodrigues, Vasco Pereira and Fernando Boavida FoTSeC - Human Security in Fog of Things
Rohit Ahuja, Sraban Kumar Mohanty and Kouichi Sakurai A Traceable Signcryption Scheme for Secure Sharing of Data in Cloud Storage
Kezhi Wang and Kun Yang Power-Minimization Computing Resource Allocation in Mobile Cloud-Radio Access Network
Björn Schwarzbach, Bogdan Franczyk, Lucas Petrich, Arkadius Schier and Michael ten Hompel Cloud Based Privacy Preserving Collaborative Business Process Management
Yi-Chih Kao, Yung-Chia Chang, Sheng-Lung Peng and Ruay-Shiung Chang A Novel Method for Designing Information Technology Services
Hong-Cyuan Hsu and Che-Rung Lee GKVM: A Full GPU Virtualization on KVM
Ashan Chulanga Perera, Prabhath Lakmal Rupasinghe and Krishnadeva Kesavan E-commerce (WEB) Application security: Defense against Reconnaissance
Che-Hsun Liu, Zhi-Jie Zhang and Sheng-De Wang An Android Malware Detection Approach Using Bayesian Inference
Jiahao Liu, You Li, Guohui Ling, Ronghua Li and Zibin Zheng Community detection in Location-based Social Networks: an Entropy-based Approach
Li Xiaoyong, Ji Chen and Liu Gang A Container-based Trusted Multi-level Security Mechanism
Qingtang Xia, Wei Xu and Tianjia Chen CIDS: Adapting Legacy Intrusion Detection Systems to the Cloud with Hybrid Sampling
Adam Gregory and Shikharesh Majumdar Energy Aware Resource Management for MapReduce Jobs with Service Level Agreements in Cloud Data Centers
Philander Adriaan, Yan Bai and Donald Chinn Privacy-Enhanced Scheduling for Cloud-enabled Smart Power Grids
Meilian Lu, Danhua Sun, Yan Shi and Yuhong Li Peer-Assisted Streaming Distribution over CCN
Grant Wu and Maolin Tang A Trading-inspired Approach to the Dynamic Server Consolidation Problem of Data Centres
Simon Fong, Robert P. Biuk-Aghai and Yain-Whar Si Lightweight Feature Selection Methods Based on Standardized Measure of Dispersion for Mining Big Data
Yoshiaki Adachi, Hirozumi Yamaguchi, Teruo Higashino and Takaaki Umedu Cloud-assisted Dynamic Content Sharing among Vehicles
Manish Kumar Pandey and Subbiah Karthikeyan A Novel Storage Architecture for facilitating Efficient Analytics of Health Informatics Big Data in Cloud
Shruti Gosavi, Shweta Patil, Gayatri Bagul and Neha Chopade Mobile Application for Food grocery system “Show me a Food Expiry”
Nipuna Pannala, Chamira Nawarathna, Kosala Jayakody and Lakmal Rupasinghe Support Vector Machine(SVM) Based Approach to Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis
Atta Rahman and Amir Rasheed Data Mining For Students' Trends Analysis Using Apriori Algorithm
Zheyi Chen, Yongwei Wu, Tao Xiang, Xing Chen Model-Driven Approach to Hadoop Deployment in Cloud