2010 Student Symposium in Computer Science and Information Management


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Welcome to the MyReview web-based conference management system for 2010 Student Symposium in Computer Science and Information Management!

Please take alternatively the role of the three main types of actors:

  1. Authors As an author, you can submit an abstract for a paper that you intend to submit, unsing the abstract submission interface. . The system will provide you with an id and a password. You can then access the paper submission interface to upload the file of your complete paper.
  2. Reviewers As a reviewer, you can access the reviewing interface, download your papers, submit and update your reviews. You need a login and a password.
  3. Administrator This is the most important role. Using the administrator interface You can configure the system, create new reviewers, enter research topics, evaluation criterias, papers' status codes for your conference, ask reviewers to select their preferred topics, assign manually or automatically papers to reviewers, consult the marks of papers, send mails to everybody, etc.


Paper submission system -- MyReview
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