IEEE DataCom 2016

The 2nd IEEE International Conference on Big Data Intelligence and Computing

Auckland, New Zealand, August 8-12, 2016

DataCom Research Paper
  • Online Resource Management in Thermal and Energy Constrained Heterogeneous High Performance Computing
  • Performance Optimization of the SSVD Collaborative Filtering Algorithm on MapReduce Architectures
  • expanCodes: Tailored LDPC codes for Big Data Storage
  • Backbone Traffic Pattern Analysing Based on Joint Entropy
  • A Four-layer Architecture for Online and Historical Big Data Analytics
  • FOG-engine: Towards Big Data Analytics in the Fog
  • Self-Operation of a Network
  • A Cloud-based Network Architecture for Big Data Services
  • QoS Oriented Embedding for Network Virtualization
  • NoWog: A Workload Generator for Database Performance Benchmarking
  • A Context-Aware Trust Prediction Method Based on Behavioral Data Analysis in Distributed Network Environments
  • Online Distance Measurement for Tree Data Event Streams
  • Comparing Intention and Behavior: Characteristics of Valuable Information and Information Verification
  • Improving Recommendation Accuracy by Considering Electronic Word-of-Mouth and the Effects of Its Propagation Using Collective Matrix Factorization
  • On the Role of Mobility and Network Coding on Multi-message Gossip in Random Geometric Graphs
  • CDR Based Temporal-spatial Analysis of Anomalous Mobile Users
  • Efficient Processing of Uncertain Data Using Dezert-Smarandache Theory: A Case Study
  • A New Algorithm of Geometric Mean for Solving High-order Fredholm Integro-differential Equations
  • ZQL: A Unified Middleware Bridging Both Relational and NoSQL Databases
  • G-Storm: a GPU-aware Storm Scheduler
  • Big Data Framework for Analyzing Patents to Support Strategic R&D Planning
  • Information Pricing - A Utility based Pricing Mechanism
  • On the Incentive Effect of Reputation Systems
  • Modeling of Resource Granularity and Utilization with Virtual Machine Splitting
  • Logico-linguistic Semantic Representation of Documents
  • Design and Partial Implementation of Health Care System for Disease Detection and Behavior Analysis by Using DM Techniques
  • MSFS: Multiple Spatio-temporal Scales Traffic Forecasting in Mobile Cellular Network
  • Forecasting Crimes using Autoregressive Models
  • Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Using Light Switches for Smart Nursing Homes
  • Interactive Healthcare Big Data Analytics Platform under Simulated Performance
  • A Comprehensive Validation Methodology for Trajectory Pattern Mining of GPS Data
  • Efficient On/Off-line Query Pre-processing for Telecom Social Streaming Data
  • Social Media Analysis on Evaluating Organisational Performance a Railway Service Management Context
  • Analysis of Human Autonomic Nervous Activity Based on Big Data Measurement Via SmartPhone
  • Sustainability Through Intelligent Scheduling of Electric Water Heaters in a Smart Grid
  • A New Topology Time Division Beacon Construction Approach for IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee Cluster-tree Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Big Data Science Model for Data Analytics of Interesting Patterns
  • Vehicle Classification in Acoustic Sensor Networks Based on Hybrid Dictionary Learning

DataCom Poster Paper
  • Collaborative Filtering and Deep Learning Based Hybrid Recommendation For Cold Start Problem
  • Privacy-preserving Palm Print Authentication using Homomorphic Encryption
  • Log on Cloud: A SaaS Data Collection, Storage and Analysis Framework
  • Scalable Interactive Geo Visualization Platform for GIS Data Analysis
  • Stochastic Self-organisation of Poorly Structured Data and Memory Realisation in an Information Domain When Designing News Events Forecasting Models
  • Generation of the Single Precision BLAS Library for the Parallella platform, with Epiphany Co-processor Acceleration, Using the BLIS Framework
  • Enhancing Mobility Management and Supporting 3D Visualization
  • A Data Divergence Design Method for Testing Big Data Application
  • Temporal and Spatial Trend Analysis of Cloud Spot Instance Pricing in Amazon EC2
  • Pyramid: Visual Analytics and Big Data Science Visualization for Frequent Patterns

DataCom Workshop - BDPSS
  • Song Wu, Youchuang Jia, Fang Zhou, Xiang Gao, Hai Jin and Pingpeng Yuan. VAIL: A Victim-Aware Cache Policy for Improving Lifetime of Hybrid Memory
  • Yun Hao, Buwen Wu, Pingpeng Yuan, Hai Jin and Xiaofeng Ding. A Scalable Association-oriented Partitioning Approach for Streaming Graphs
  • Zhenshan Cao, Rentong Guo, Yu Zhang, Xiaofei Liao, Hai Jin, Feng Lu and Xuanhua Shi. ParameterFlow: A Novel Distributed Machine Learning Framework
  • Yong Chen, Hai Jin, Chunjiang He, Juncheng Yao and Hanhua Chen. Prediction of User Behavior with New Mobile Services
  • Guang Yang, Pingpeng Yuan and Hai Jin. Fast Querying and Dynamic Processing for RDF Databases
  • Huizhong Zhong, Shaofeng Li, Feng Zhao, Hai Jin and Qin Zhang. A Semantic-based Approach to Building Auxiliary System for Screen-based Reading
  • Zheng-Wu Lu. Research about New Media Security Technology base on Big Data Era
  • Zheng-Wu Lu and Gang Zhou. Design and Implementation of hybrid shingled recording RAID system

DataCom Workshop - DICC4SD
  • Disaster Ehealth: Sustainability in the Extreme
  • CatchMe If You Can: Enable Sustainable Communications Using Internet of Movable Things