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Algorithms and techniques for HPCBio-inspired grid resource managementCloud architecturesCloud business process integrationCloud client and applications
Cloud foundation conceptsCloud platforms and infrastructuresCloud reliability and securityCloud servicesCloud standards
Cloud typesEmerging standards for organizations and international projectsFuture of grid, trends, and challengesGrid and software engineering aspectsGrid architecture, resources, and data management
Grid economy, market dynamics, and simulationsGrid education and applications - science, engineering, and businessGrid evolution, characterization, and conceptsGrid fundamentals, algorithms, and performance analysisGrid impact, scientific, and industrial and social implications
Grid instrumentation, measurement, and visualizationGrid middleware, scheduling, brokering, and monitoringGrid portals and securityGrid programming, models, tools, and APIGrid services, concepts, specifications, and frameworks
Grid uses and emerging technologyCloud Programming ModelsNew initiatives, SOA, autonomic computing, and semantic gridSimple API for grid applications (SAGA)Software and hardware support for HPC
Test, evaluation, and certificate presentationWireless and optical grid, characteristics, and applicationsOthers (Routing Protocol)Work flow managementHPC in GRIDs, Clouds, and distributed computing systems
Heterogeneous programming with GP-GPU, FPGA, and other accelerators

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